Yuuki - Your New Discord Soundboard Bot

The Discord Soundboard bot that takes your meme game to the next level.

Yuuki Stats

200k+ users 450+ servers 3 Premium Servers

Yuuki Features

Fun Soundboard with exciting categories and languages.

A fun soundboard that allows you to play audio clips in various categories. The soundboard is available in multiple languages and comes with a wide variety of sounds..

99% Uptime!

Never Let the fun In your vc Die! we strive to provide the highest quality of service to our users.

Impress your friends with funny sounds and clips.

Play from a huge library of sounds with just a click of a button on discord!

Use The Latest Discord Trends!

We use the latest Features available! Play sounds using Slash commands / Buttons / Message commands

Create your own custom soundboard!

Customize our favourites according to your liking and access them with just a single command


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Yuuki Premium

Personalized Features

Yuuki Premium gives you access to a Personalized Discord Soundboard Built for Your Server and according to your needs!

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